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Our Process

We follow a defined and disciplined process with each client as we embark upon your individual journey to financial wellness. Using strategic planning and tactical management, our approach is comprised of six key steps:


Before delving into any strategy or plan, we first take an honest, thorough look at your situation. We'll evaluate your starting point, goals, risks and areas of concern and opportunity so that we may form the most complete picture possible of who you are and what you're seeking to achieve.


After our evaluation session, we'll begin gathering as much data about you as possible. This is necessary to our success of developing the most personalized, efficient plan for you. Please note that we take the utmost care to ensure your data remains private and protected.


The next step is compiling everything we now know from our evaluation and data and translating it into your plan. With strategic planning and tactical management of your investments, we'll develop and complete your financial plan. It will include all facets of your finances, such as investment strategy, debt management, and ensuring you have the right insurance coverages.


After completing your plan we will present our recommendations to you. At this time you can provide us feedback and we'll work together to make any desired tweaks to yield the best possible strategy for you.


After we've decided together on your plan, we will implement it and let it start serving your needs. We will do a follow-up review with you several weeks later to ensure we're off to a proper start. Thereafter, we will continue to monitor your plan periodically to ensure you're staying on track to achieving your goals. As you evolve, your plan needs to evolve with you, and we'll make any needed updates along the way.