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At Legacy Wealth Strategies, we know that there are many moving parts when it comes to your finances, and a plan that ensures these parts are working together harmoniously is essential for long-term success. This is why we cover all of your bases by offering a variety of services to meet your unique needs.

  • Investment management
  • Income portfolios
  • Retirement planning
  • Fiduciary services and estate planning
  • Annuity review
  • Custom portfolios
  • Long-term Care, Health, and Medicare Insurance

Whatever your goals may be, we’re confident our services can point you in the right direction. Call us today for a consultation: (502) 931-2936 or email.

More about Custom Portfolios:

We offer our clients the service of creating custom portfolios comprised of a variety of investments depending on your situation. We work diligently to seek out the best possible rates for you, and design each portfolio based on your needs and goals. To learn more about this service, call us at (502) 931-2936 or email.

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